Submitting a New Award

Those wishing to submit a proposal for a new NAD Adventurer Award must follow the steps listed below:

1. To submit a proposal for a new North American Division (NAD) Adventurer award, send the following materials to your conference Adventurer Director:

a. Name of the Award

b. Sample design of the Award patch

c. Statement as to the purpose or need for the award (what benefit should the Adventurers receive physically, mentally and/or spiritually?)

d. Award requirements

e. Answers (or description) for the requirements

f. For what grade is this award intended?

g. List of resource materials.

If this award was tested in a club, complete an evaluation form and submit it with the above materials.

Send copy of all materials to the two Adventurer Clubs selected by your conference’s Adventurer Director. Continue to work closely with your Director to complete the award process.

2. Your conference Adventurer Director will:

a. Select two Adventurer clubs to evaluate the proposed award:

• One club in your conference.

• One club from another conference, with assistance from that conference?s Adventurer Director.

b. Gather evaluations forms from both Adventurer Clubs and letter of recommendation from the other conference?s Adventurer Director.

c. Send copy of all materials mentioned above, including a personal letter of recommendation to the NAD Adventurer Director.

All accepted proposals for an Adventurer award become the exclusive property of the NAD Youth Ministries Department. Such proposals may be altered or changed in any way deemed appropriate by the NAD Adventurer Awards Taskforce.

If the award is approved, the clubs that participated will receive award patches with a special border that represents their contribution in test-piloting this award. The number of special awards each club receives is based on the number of Adventurers and adults that completed the award, as designated on the evaluation form.

The Adventurer committee meets each year in February.

At that time, the final approval of awards for the next year is made. The award process should be completed and all materials sent to the NAD Adventurer Director prior to that meeting.